Saturday, November 25, 2006

Rollei factory Braunschweig 1959

This is the Rollei factory in Braunschweig, Niedersachsen, Germany on 1959. The view looks similar today but some buildings were rented for other firms like the Kraemer building (white at center) with the name "Rolleiflex" in the photograph (click on thumbnail).

This is a tools warehouse in the factory (click on thumbnail)

This a machine to stamp aluminium parts (click on thumbnail).
Cutting tools (click on thumbnail)
Lathes (click on thumbnail)
Perforation tools at work (click on thumbnail)
45º perforation tools (click on thumbnail
Polish (click on thumbnail)
Camera front panel
Machines to galvanize parts (click on thumbnail)
Glasses polish (click on thumbnail)
Vacuum chambers to coat filters and Rolleinars(click on thumbnail)
Painting chamber (click on thumbnail)

Focusing mechanism assembly
(click on thumbnail)
Lenses assembly (click on thumbnail)
Film transport mechanism assembly (click on thumbnail)

Collimator, this collimator is still in use (click on tumbnail)

Shutters tester device (click on thumbnail)

Carl Zeiss K 6 lens tester device (click on thumbnail)

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