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Claus Prochnow *1930 t2008

Claus Prochnow was Rollei engineer designer from 1955 to 1991, he integrated and led teams to develop cameras like the first Rollei SLR 6x6 prototype, Rolleimagic, Rolleiflex SL66; Rollei 35 S; two new Rollei 35 prototypes; Rollei SL35; Rolleiflex SLX; Rolleiflex 2000 and 3000; Rolleiflex 6000 series, the "monster" Rollei LFC 230x230mm format (Large Format Camera ) etc. He liked to represent Rollei at the Photokina to know the users opinion about the Rollei products directly, in 1958 his portrait at the Photokina was Life magazine cover.
From 1994 were published his books Rollei Report 1, Rollei Report 2, Rollei Report 3, Rollei Report 4 and Rollei Report 5 about the complete Rollei production from 1920 to 2000 with the company history, the detailed technical description for the products, models development history, prototypes, serial numbers, photographs, diagrams and additional data, he created a system to catalogue the Rollei production called "Prochnow Register, PR ...."; 1360 pages plenty of very good info (Rollei Report 2 had a new reviewed edition in 2001 and the Report 3 in 2006). He also published a Rollei Technical Report and a special book dedicated to the Rollei 35 camera, "Rollei 35, Eine Kamera Geschichte" and a booklet for the English translation, "Rollei 35, a Camera History", the Rollei Report 1 has a booklet for the English translation too. He also wrote three "Voigtländer Report" about the Voigtländer production from 1840, the last one appeared in October 2007. Mr. Claus Prochnow passed away 31/July/2008, he was from Brunswick (Braunschweig) "the oldest camera town" according he liked to say.

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